How to Manage Household Finances

No matter how bad your finances are, you can always manage household finances. This is even if you are not in a position to make a lot of money as a regular wage earner. You can still maintain a good household budget and get some of the money you need for other important investments.

One of the best ways to manage household finances is to use your personal savings account. This allows you to make money from interest income.

It is important to manage household finances

This can help you see what you can realistically afford each month. It is very easy to get carried away by how much money you make per month when you are responsible for all of your monthly bills. Make sure you take a look at your financial statements. Any major changes or fluctuations should be noted in your monthly statements.

The Cash Flow Statement can be found in your account summary. It is made up of your monthly expenses. On the right side of the statement, you will see the difference between your total income and your total expense.

The Account Balance is how much money you currently have in your account. If you decide to transfer funds from another account to your current account, this figure will show the amount of money you have withdrawn from that account.

The Beginning Balance is the amount of money you began with on your account. You cannot deposit any more money into your account once your account has an opening balance. For example, if you do not have any savings account and you put money in a CD, the opening balance will be zero.

It is important to manage household finances so so try it now. You should plan your monthly budget.

Monitor your household finance carefully

You should write down every expenditure, especially the ones you do not remember and report these expenses to your financial adviser.

Personal savings account

you can enjoy higher returns because you are getting interested in the savings that you have earned from other investments. There are various types of accounts that provide different interest rates and tax breaks for people with different incomes.

It is also important to pay attention to the fees associated with your account. Fees can cause you to lose money over time if you do not know how to manage them. Some of the common charges you will encounter include monthly maintenance fees, points, and annual fees.

Many companies offer reduced rates to customers who have a high credit score and a track record of paying their bills on time, but this does not mean that they will provide debt service providers. In addition, you may be charged for keeping your personal savings account open or even for opening another one.

Revolving credit 20000 euros with low interest rates

For a revolving credit of 20000 euros with low interest rates you will have to compare what different providers have. Of course you can go to a traditional bank that provides loans and many people automatically end up at the bank where they bank themselves, because this is nice and easy.

But if you then get the loan that is the most favorable for you in terms of interest and conditions then remains to be seen. In many cases, the banks charge more interest than if you yourself look for a revolving credit of 20000 euros and do this online.

Revolving credit 20000 euros with low interest

Revolving credit 20000 euros with low interest

It is clear that the large banks charge more interest than providers that you find online. However, not everyone is aware of this and often concludes a revolving credit with a higher interest rate than necessary.

You will find here a number of revolving credit providers who state on their website that they have an attractive low interest rate. Then it may be wise to request a quote to see exactly how much you are going to pay.

Request quote

There is a misunderstanding about the fact that when you fill out a form online to take out a revolving credit you are immediately tied to it. Nothing could be further from the truth, this is a non-binding offer and does not oblige you to anything. If you find the quote does not suit you then you do not need to take any further action, it will expire automatically. With a quote in hand you can view well and compare with other providers which is the most favorable for your situation.

What should you pay attention to?

What should you pay attention to?

If you are currently going to apply for a revolving credit, you have to pay attention to a number of things. Of course that is the interest on your quote, it is advantageous and worth looking into if it is too high and you have to go to another provider.

When does the interest change

When does the interest change

Furthermore, it is very important that you ask the provider when the interest rate rises and what the maximum interest amount is that is charged. It works as follows. When requesting a quote or directly requesting a revolving credit of 20000 euros, the calculation is made of the risks the lender runs.

Are you married, are you divorced, do you live in a house for sale and what other loans do you have? Here comes an interest rate. But now it comes: If your situation changes during the term, due to a divorce, unemployment, etc. then the risk of credit changes and could therefore be increased. Nobody can foresee this kind of thing and that is why it is good to inquire about the conditions for raising interest rates.

Revolving credit 20000 euros with low interest

There are a number of reasons why the revolving credit is so popular. Firstly, this loan form has a flexible term, meaning that the credit is usually contracted for 5 years. However, after this period the loan can simply be extended for another 5 years. This way you always have money in hand.
Secondly, you can take back periods that you have already repaid without having to pay a penalty interest or similar. And thirdly, you only pay interest on amounts that you actually take out from revolving credit, you do not take anything out and you keep this loan for when money is actually needed, then you pay on interest until that time.

Borrow money quickly

Borrow money quickly

Of course, a burning question is how long it will take before you have access to the revolving credit once it has been approved. That goes pretty fast and thats why you can borrow money quickly online. Upon approval you generally have access to the loan within 2 working days.

Credit for Part-Time Workers; Providers That Really Help



Even with a small income


  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Part-time employees are employees whose working hours are lower than usual in the respective sector, other definitions only evaluate a working week of less than thirty hours as a part-time job. The traditional division of the working world into full-time and half-day jobs is now extended by further working time models with different numbers of weekly hours.

Even part-time models exist with the switch between a 40-hour week and a free week. A novelty phenomenon is spurious part-time workers, whose employment contracts only guarantee twenty hours a week, while they work much better when orders are good. This working-time model developed in the call center industry shifts the risk of a weak order situation to the employee.

Borrowing by part-time workers


Virtually no bank rejects the loan for part-time workers solely because of the reduced working hours. The decisive factor for the credit decision is the household income, which is lower for a part-time employee due to reduced working hours than for a full-time employee. If, despite the formal part-time agreement, employees actually work almost the same number of hours as a full-time employee, financial institutions will take into account the contractually agreed minimum working time, if they request a copy of the employment contract.

If only salary statements are to be provided, the budgetary accounts are predominantly based on the lowest proven monthly income. As an extended repayment term results in reduced loan installments, it increases the likelihood that a financial institution will approve the desired part-time loan. Married or part-time employees living together with a partner ideally apply for a loan together with their partner.

A loan for part-time workers in the special form of an installment agreement with a trader can be taken up without difficulty, especially since he only inquires about the income when the loan amounts are unusually high. Also easier than banks are lending platforms for online lending to part-timers.

The private lenders that decide on the award largely take social criteria into account and prefer to lend to applicants who find it difficult to obtain loans through a traditional bank. In contrast to consumer loans from banks, part-timers indicate the intended purpose in their personal loan request, as this contributes to the award decision.

Borrowing for part-time workers with additional income

Borrowing for part-time workers with additional income

Part-time workers often opt for reduced working hours because they want more time for themselves or to take care of their children. However, more and more part-time workers are choosing a limited job in their main job as they pursue another – often freelance – job. In this case, they apply for a loan for part-time employees at a credit institution, which does not only charge the income from the main job in the budget, but also all additional income.

When granting part-time staffing credit, most financial institutions take into account all cash inflows that are not needed on the account, so this loan is also available to part-time workers. The disadvantage, however, is the higher interest rates compared to a installment loan for the credit settled directly via the current account of the part-time employee.




Which is better: consortium or financing for real estate? – Low interest



Buying a property is a life goal for many Brazilians, after all, nothing better than investing money in a place that will be the owner. But before taking such an important step you must evaluate: what is the best consortium or financing for real estate?

Answering the best option to buy your own home: consortium or financing for real estate is not easy as there are many issues involved in the process. It is important to note how much you have to spend.

When talking about which is better: consortium or financing for houses or apartments, people should take into account that there are pros and cons. Ideally, talk to a professional to clear questions, such as your bank manager.

Which is better: consortium or financing for real estate?

Which is better: consortium or financing for real estate?

Financing is a type of contract made through banks, which is much sought after by those who think of acquiring home ownership. It is worth mentioning that, the bank advances or lends the money to the customer to buy the property, but will charge the amount with interest and charges.

In financing, the bank buys the property and the buyer begins to pay the installments every month until the debt is repaid. The maximum term to finance is 30 years, but a longer term tends to increase the value of the benefit and the shorter the time the less the benefit.

It is important to note that the buyer will need to separate a sum of money to give entry to the home financing. The amount can vary from one banking agent to another.

Private banks always follow the guidelines of the Federal Savings Bank and end up charging similar amounts in financing. The financing in the Caixa made through the Housing Finance System (SFH) charges interest from 9% per year + TR and for quotaters using the FGTS the value is from 7.85% + TR.

The consortium, other than financing, is a type of operation in which no interest is charged. A group of people meets through institutions and companies specialized and authorized to form a kind of single box in which all members contribute with monthly fixed amount and a management fee.

However, it is essential to reinforce that the property is not acquired instantaneously with the consortium. What happens is that participants can be drawn and viewed with the letter of credit or bid to achieve it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the financing and consortium

Advantages and disadvantages of the financing and consortium

There are benefits and drawbacks in the consortium and bank financing to buy the home itself. Each person must evaluate their real need and the amount they can spend on the operation.

  • Agility – when the financing is approved the money is already released for the client to buy the property. In addition, it is possible to dilute the parcels over long periods.
  • The interest rates of the financing are high, while in the consortium there is no interest. Another negative aspect of the bank financing is the bureaucracy, since it is necessary to present many documents and the interested party must give a cash entry.
  • The consortium has fewer fees and interest, no entry is required. On the other hand, it is an option for those who do not have an immediate need to live in the property, because getting the letter of credit can take years, you have to wait for the raffles or make a high bid.
  • Entry and value – you choose the amount at the time of hire and there is no entry. Already in the financing, in some institutions you need to have the money in hand to give input (it is possible to finance through the banks’ websites)



10 Aug When is it time to become a Moral Person

10 Aug When is it time to become a Moral Person


Passing your company from a physical person to a moral person is simpler than you imagine and can bring you more benefits in the future. One of the dilemmas that entrepreneurs have is to choose the regime with which they will register their business.

When choosing a regime you should consider different aspects of your venture and the needs you have at the time of starting. If you started your business as a Physical Person with Business Activity, you can still become a Moral Person.

At Konfío we tell you when is the perfect time to become a Moral Person.

# 1 You already have partners

# 1 You already have partners

Maybe you started your venture alone and along the way you have been adding partners to grow. As soon as you formalize your society, it will be necessary to become a Moral Person. This in order that each and everyone have both their rights and clear responsibilities before what the law dictates. In addition to that they could be growing at a great pace and require the most important decision making.

# 2 You have several businesses

# 2 You have several businesses

If you diversified and decided to open more businesses, it is time to create different social reasons. So do not mix the results of each one and you have more financial control, therefore that is a moment to become a Moral Person. Another benefit that you can obtain from this is that by having each of your businesses set up independently, the situations that arise will be treated in the same way. Achieving to support all the heritage that you have achieved.

# 3 Your business bills more than 2 million

# 3 Your business bills more than 2 million

It is important that you keep the accounting of your business in order to check the growth that your company has had during the months or years of your activities before the SAT. As we said at the beginning, entering the tax regime as a Moral Person can bring more benefits to your business, because you could attract attractive investments and prove that you can be a good candidate for credit. So if you’ve already registered it’s time to take advantage of this.

Benefits of becoming a Moral Person


Build your company’s credit history

Build your company

Unlike the Individuals who obtain financing in your name, being a Moral Person you are building a credit history of your business. With this you can obtain better rates and payment terms when obtaining new loans for SMEs. Well, you would be showing the credit performance that your business achieves, specifically the debt capacity it can handle.

You do not pay VAT when acquiring credits

As a Moral Person you can save money by applying for financing. Under this regime you can save the VAT that is equivalent to 16% of the total amount you request. Because under the VAT law, this is one of the provisions that have been created to stimulate business development.

You can deduct your credit

You can deduct your credit

In your annual statement, you can also deduct the monthly interest payments you make to settle your credits. For this it is necessary to have the invoices of the payments made in the name of your company.

Switching from regime to Moral Person will bring benefits to your business. Is your company ready for the change?

Reviews of Payday Loan


The history of the brand

The history of the brand

Wonga began operating in Great Britain in 2007. Over the years, Wonga systematically expanded its range of activities. Currently, it also operates in Poland. In Wonga, we can apply for a loan via the website. Registered customers can also do this over the phone. Anyone who is considering taking a payday or loan in installments should visit the lender’s website

Wonga is recognizable on our market mainly due to the characteristic series of funny ads with animated heroes. The lender is one of the few payday loans companies that verifies customers in the BIK database. The company provides quick loans in 5 countries, in English-speaking countries the payday loans are known as ” Payday Loans “.

A minute for only PLN 10!

Wonga - a minute for only PLN 10!

In the rapidly growing loan industry there is no shortage of payday offers. New companies are constantly emerging that try to attract potential customers with attractive terms. Very often it turns out that future borrowers are more interested in the services of well-known companies. That is why many of them are leaning towards the offer that Wonga prepared. As part of the wages, Wonga offers up to PLN 1,500 to be repaid within 60 days. The minimum amount is PLN 50. Submitting an application involves the payment of a commission. It is relatively small, it is 10 zlotys. Importantly, regardless of the amount of our commitment, this fee will not change. This is the lowest commission available on the market, which should be kept in mind when considering the application for a payday in Wonga.


Installment loan up to PLN 20000 for 60 installments


If we want a profitable loan, which we can pay off gradually, we should get acquainted with the loan offer offered by Wonga. The company increased the maximum installment loan to PLN 20,000. We can get such a sum even for a period of 24 months. The condition is, of course, the successful consideration of our application. Wonga emphasizes that he is making a precise selection of potential lenders. This is very important, because many people apply for a loan, although it may have a problem with its repayment. The exact selection put in place by the service provider avoids unpayable liabilities that may lead to debts.


Transparent agreement 

Transparent agreement 

It is worth mentioning that Wonga declares the transparency of its offer . This means that we know the terms of the loan from the very beginning. Thanks to this we are aware of the process of applying for this type of support. We know exactly all the details that we need to make the decision about submitting the application. The clarity of the information provided proves that we are in contact with a reliable service provider and we do not have to fear unfair practices on its part. It gives us the comfort that is needed especially for a long-term loan.


The possibility of a friendly adjustment of the amount and installments

The possibility of a friendly adjustment of the amount and installments

When we are looking for a good loan offer, we should look for a non-banking institution that will allow us to select the sum very carefully. This is the case with Wonga. Few lenders allow you to match the amount to PLN. They usually round the values. Meanwhile, Wonga gives a wider choice. By choosing a loan, we will be able to set a very precise sum and repayment period by means of the sliders. Thanks to this, the loan chosen by us will be fully adequate to our needs and financial possibilities. Therefore, if we carefully plan the repayment of our commitment, it will not be too much of a burden for us. However, it is necessary to ensure that we remain reliable borrowers throughout the entire period of returning money and successively return subsequent parts along with additional fees.


Lender’s requirements



The process of applying for a loan

The process of applying for a loan

According to the service provider’s declaration, we will get a payday loan and installment loan in Wonga very easily. We can do this through the lender’s website. Before we proceed, we should prepare our mobile phone, as well as data from the ID card and the number of our bank account. Only we will need it when we plan to apply. This proves that the formalities at Wonga are kept to a minimum, which allows us to save time and does not require the preparation of numerous documents.


Registration of the loan form

Registration of the Wonga loan form

Once we enter the website of the lender, we can start choosing the amount and the repayment period. We do it using the sliders available on the home page. Once we do, we should be familiar with the total cost of our loan. Thanks to this, in the future we will not be surprised by the amount of our installments. The next step is filling out the application using our data. They will allow us to check if we can pay off our loan repayment.

The film created by Diedrich Knickerbocker shows how easy it is to get a loan online. See how easy it is to register at Wonga in the video below!


Verification of personal data

Verification of personal data

A loan company that establishes cooperation with us must check our identity. We will enable it by logging into our bank account and making a symbolic transfer, which amounts to PLN 0.02. Such action will allow the non-bank institution to assess whether we will be able to pay off the obligation for which we are applying. When this happens, we will receive information regardless of whether the decision will be positive or negative. If the non-banking institution decides to support us, we will receive it very quickly. It may take a bit longer when we apply on public holidays. Then we will receive the money on the next working day. In this way, we will be able to spend money very quickly on the goal of our choice, which is important for every client of the loan company. It is important that we manage our money reasonably.

A representative example for the first short-term loan – PLN 10, up to 60 days

“A loan up to 60 days is a short-term loan repayable once. The cost of PLN 10 applies only to new customers. A representative example: Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 32.03%, total loan amount (without credited costs) PLN 550, total amount to be paid PLN 698.50, fixed interest rate 0%, total loan cost PLN 148.50 (in including: commission PLN 148.50, interest PLN 0), loan period 60 days. The calculation was made on October 4, 2017 on a representative example. The amount of the loan and the time for which it is granted are determined individually based on the customer’s credit rating. Wonga.pl Sp. z oo with headquarters in Warsaw. “

A representative example for the first Installment Loan – over 60 days

“Representative example: Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 32.03%, total loan amount (without credited costs) PLN 550, total amount to be paid PLN 698.50, fixed interest rate 0%, total loan cost PLN 148.50 ( including: commission PLN 148.50, interest PLN 0), loan period 60 days. The calculation was made on October 4, 2017 on a representative example. The amount of the loan, the installment amount and the number of installments available are determined individually based on the customer’s credit rating. Wonga.pl Sp. z oo with headquarters in Warsaw. “


Credit without Credit Check | Providers That Really Help



A non-credit check provides benefits for any claimant who is in debt, has low income, or is unemployed. If, for some reason, the creditworthiness is limited, the house bank or car bank will always refuse the request for a credit and refer to the unfulfilled requirement of creditworthiness.

Here a credit without credit check is the fast and cheap solution, which shows on top of that with high flexibility in the contractual conditions and thus comes into question for each applicant. This loan protects your privacy and selects an offer on the free financial market from a wide variety of individual and serious opportunities.

The great variety of credit without credit check

The great variety of credit without credit check

On the free financial market there are loans from private investors and various domestic and foreign banks. Anyone with a bad credit rating who needs more liquidity, wants to pay an urgent bill, or wants to make a new purchase can get an approval in less than 24 hours, thus keeping an eye on a quick realization of his project. Since the loans show different conditions and contractual basis, you should compare in advance and get an overview of a suitable offer.

We saw this here and thought of you:

By entering the search for a loan without Schufaprüfung one gets the overview, so that the focus can be targeted to a suitable loan with favorable interest rates and a high degree of flexibility in the framework conditions. You save a long search and do not have to put up any time to compare offers. In a matter of seconds you can see a relevant loan and its chance to exclude too expensive or not flexible offers.

Non-bureaucratic settlement convinced the credit without credit check

Non-bureaucratic settlement convinced the credit without credit check

Another advantage is the aspect that this credit is not only favorable, but represents a quick decision in urgent wishes. Instead of waiting long or making compromises, you can apply for the loan easily and quickly via a form online. The form of the focused financier can be accessed directly from the comparison with a click. The information should be truthful and comprehensible to the lender.

Since a personal interview does not take place, the lender decides on the basis of the information provided and primarily on the basis of the collateral provided. In order to secure an online loan on the free financial market, possessions can be overwritten or capital-forming insurances deposited, but also be focused on a guarantee or a second applicant. What is important is the relevance of the collateral to the amount of the requested amount and thus a hedge that provides the lender in any case a security and is accepted for the credit without credit check. Online loans help in difficult situations without restriction.